Festival Coupon Fundraising

Please let us know if you're interested in selling Festival Foods coupons

Dear ALPs families and friends, one possible fundraiser for our DC 2019 trip is for us to sell Festival Foods coupons.image001.jpg

Each set of coupons sells for $20, of which ALPs would get $12.

Each set contains 6 coupons for Festival Foods (5% off purchases of $75+, no purchase limit) and 3 coupons for Buffalo Wild Wings ("$5 off $25"); the $20 set could result in a savings of $65-70 or more.

All of the money we raise this way will go to reducing the travel cost for all students.

If enough of us are willing to sell these coupon sets, we would decide on a 2-3 week period during which we would fan out and sell these to family, friends, and neighbors.

The coupons take 2-3 weeks to get printed for us, so we would not be able to start selling these until April at the earliest.

The coupons can be used at any location in Wisconsin and expire on Dec. 31, 2018.

If you are interested in helping with this fundraiser, please indicate below how many coupon sets @ $20 each you would be willing to sell (or purchase for yourself!)

Please also indicate your availability to sell these coupons by checking the date ranges that would work best for you.

We would not expect you to knock on doors if you're not comfortable doing so! If your family, extended family, and perhaps 2-3 close friends were to buy sets of coupons, we would raise enough money to make a sizeable difference.


When could you help sell these? Please check the box next to all dates when you would be willing to sell coupon sets


We will let you know once we have an idea of the number of interested sellers and approximate number of coupon sets to order.

This form will remain open until Monday, March 12, 2018.

Thank you for helping us!