The Oshkosh Community Network

Helping people connect with each other in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

We are modeled after the Davis Community Network,, that was established almost 20 years ago to help bring together the Davis, California, community.

The OSHkosh COMmunity NETwork:



Our Goals for the Oshkosh Community Network

We have three overall goals:

  • We connect:

    • non-profits

    • schools & PTOs

    • government

    • community

  • We improve collaboration and coordination between these parties

  • We support volunteer organizations


E-Resources Provided by the Oshkosh Community Network

Groups that become members of the Oshkosh Community Network are provided with the following e-resources, to help them establish, maintain, and grow their ability to communicate with their members and reach out to new ones and to the community at large:

  • Email lists

  • Member contact information

  • Meeting minutes

  • Document storage

  • Web sites

  • Shared calendars, community calendar

  • Facebook page & group, Twitter feed

  • PayPal / fundraising

  • Training to use the above

The training we provide helps our member groups maintain their momentum even through changes in membership and leadership.


Contacting Us

For more information, including how to have your organization become a part of the Oshkosh Community Network, please contact us!  We are: